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Graphic Designer / Creative Thinker / Bear Lover

Graphic Designer / Creative Thinker / Bear Lover

I've been doing Graphic Design since 1998. I started with a bootlegged copy of Photoshop and a library book, and never stopped learning. Endless nights, countless courses, some great jobs & opportunities, and tons of mistakes.... but I'm still here chugging along trying to make my mark in the design world.

As you can tell, I focus a lot of my work on bears. For two reasons: 1) I'm a Bear. 2) I love Bears! Both in the wildlife sense and the gay community. Currently, 25% of all proceeds are donated to Seattle's PAWS Wildlife Rescue Center.... because they help save the Bears... the real kind... the scary kind... not the sweet, cuddly, glittery kind.

I love hearing your feedback and seeing pictures of my work, so don't forget to follow me on IG and tag!